A play in a ribbon in a shoe shop.

Hot on the high heels of our collaboration with Retrouvius, Tracey Neuls is preparing for a new and exciting joint venture; part theatre, part fashion and part set design. Before moving to the Design Museum in November, our shoe boutique will premier the European run of “Quality”- a play about two women and their battle to dominate in the world of a high-end shoe retail. "Quality" is a dark comedy by play-write Elaine Avila about the power-struggle between two women. The satirical psychological battle to conquer each other and the world of selling high-end design comes alive in situ with a most striking and unusual bespoke viewing platform. The set accommodates retail by day and fun by night. Originally envisioned by the play-write as a shop with shoes hanging from the ceiling, it seems very appropriate that we collaborate with this exciting performance. A limited number of 30 seats are available per performance. The shows run from September 6-23rd, Thursday to Sunday with a VIP night offered on September 05. For tickets and more information on the collaboration please visit: www.qualitytheplay.co.uk

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