Boo Ritson Collaboration

For this collaboration, Ritson has produced a powerful image of a woman’s legs, wearing a pair of red TRACEY NEULS court shoes. The legs and shoes are covered in a thick layer of household paint and the resulting image has a dark sensual character. After studying sculpture at the Royal College of Art, Ritson has had a desire to paint, though not necessarily to make paintings. this has manifested itself in painted objects, with the applied paint enclosing the object, like a second skin, recasting it as an image of itself. Household paint is applied quickly and gesturally to the sitter, creating a portrait of an imagined character. Boo Ritson graduated from 2005 from the Royal College of Art, London. She has exhibited widely including London, Los Angeles, Mexico city and Amsterdam. Her work is in private collections in London, Moscow and New York.

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