Camilla Robinson ABC Dead

Look how beautiful this image is. Tracey Neuls East is delighted to be screening ABC Dead, a film by Camilla Robinson. Showing at our Redchurch Street shop for the month of March. Here is some more information about the film:

Tracey Neuls presents ABCDead, a new film installation by Camilla Robinson. Inspired by the dark tales of Edward Gorey, ABCDead is a gothic tale of sadness and woe, tracing the decline and fall of Amy, Basil, Cynthia and Doris who all come to untimely ends, in the most fashionable attire. ABCDead reflects a morbid sense of humour shared by film maker and shoe designer Tracey Neuls and was devised in collaboration with the actress Vanessa-Faye Stanley. It also features accessories designed by Dean Sidaway, and was premiered at the ICA as part of the London Short Film Festival, January 2012.

Camilla is also the creative director of Dapper Films.

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