Introducing KOJAK ~ Faberge Big Egg Hunt

Tracey Neuls has been chosen as one of the designers, architects and interesting people alike to contribute to this years "Fabergé Big Egg Hunt’ You may have seen some of the eggs dotted around London. The Tracey Neuls KOJAK egg is sitting proud hidden somewhere on the Southbank. Happy hunting! If you get a chance to meet our beloved Kojak Egg, here is a bit about him:

"The design is very subtle. The visual impact is not immediately apparent but draws the viewer in to discover what it is about. The outside of the shell is painted in a rather loose, obvious paint brush stroke manner. With the absence of colour, a manual feel needed to be conveyed. Eggs are still products of living beings and to have a perfect mechanical surface was not my desire.

The inside of the egg is neon red, although when you look at it indoors it appears as if nothing is inside. At the time of the day when the sun is brightest and hits the upper hole, you do get a glimpse of neon. It is quite a lucky moment and also a rewarding one! For those not naturally lucky, a Iphone flashlight app will do the trick!

The viewer will have other surprises upon further exploration. If you stick your eye into the upper hole, you will see a small hole at bottom. This lower hole not only serves an oasis for the pitch darkness, but it also projects coloured light onto the plinth. This dot of light might cause the viewer to explore the egg from the bottom up if this aspect is seen first.

For me the exploration and surprise is what this piece is about." - Tracey Neuls

P.s. Talk about playing detective! Who's Kojak? Click HERE to see!

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