London Design Festival, Tracey Neuls and Wapping Project

Being huge fans of the Wapping Project, it was a simple decision for us to be involved in their London Design Festival event called 'Design is Simply Complex'. With four very different creators selected by the project's curator Jules Wright, she looks to expose the common thread of how we create our work.

For the event, our team will recreate an 'outline' replica of our Marylebone space right within the Wapping gallery. Split into two sections, the back part will expose our day to day workings. You will be able to see what exactly is involved in creating our shoes from design to lasting. In the front of the outlined space, we will offer footwear for sale including special edition brogues that can only be found at the Wapping Project. I will also be on site designing the new Winter 2010 collection if you want a sneak peek.

Design is simply complex runs at the Wapping Project from September 04 to 27.

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