Matthew Barney at the Serpentine

Phew, this was intense! This was a major project that spanned 20 years, titled drawing restraint, as the main objective was the completion of pencil and paper drawings whilst Barney was restrained from harnesses, hanging from the ceiling, leaping off trampolines, wearing women’s clothes (no, I didn’t get that either…a flapping Laura Ashley style dress? Restrictive? Hm, maybe should have gone for something more historical), swinging from the side of boats. The strange, shaky drawings were beautiful, delicate, peculiar. In the main room of the exhibition was Ambergris-whale sick! A very rare site and worth a fortune, as its used its fine perfumes and cosmetics. Lovely….Also worth seeing is the new pavilion, where we stopped for cups of Earl Grey and mince pies and admired the structure (imagine the Guggenheim, but the inside out….).

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