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Carnival of Souls. “She was a stranger among the living…. An amazingly atmospheric and tense film from 1962, and a massive influence on David Lynch, this is really worth watching if you love Film Noir and that soap opera horror from the late 50s, lots of overacting, anguished expressions and great clothes. Carnival of Souls. Bat For Lashes If you love ethereal folk bands like Coco Rosie, you’ll love this! Dark, dreamlike and magical, this is a favourite on the TN29 radio…. Bat For Lashes Pandora’s Radio Speaking of radios, this is a novel little site where you type in your favourite band, and it creates a radio station for you! Collating bands in a similar genre, we’ve discovered loads of cool new bands! www.pandora.com Chai Tea Mmm, warming!

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