Cutler and Gross

Fashion is often consumed without any thought as to how / where / what happens in the design process. Many lifestyle brands have tapped into glasses and shoes but without the expertise, craftsmanship and detail that Cutler And Gross and Tracey Neuls bring to the table and remain true to. They are unique in the market and for London Design Festival 2014, a ‘shop in shop’ installation will display a conversation of brand parallels, process and design inspirations.
With a hint of restaurant aesthetic, a conversation between Cutler And Gross’ design director Marie Wilkinson and Tracey Neuls takes place. Hanging clusters of shoes and glasses are displayed above a sketched-on tablecloth. A variety of objects will set different dialogs, relating to the design histories and narratives, all interchangeable as the installation progresses over time. Thank you to Uli Schade for the photography.