Designs of the Year 2014

"Tracey Neuls has been designing women’s shoes for more than ten years. Her designs are hugely influential, but also widely copied. Neuls gets around this by constantly coming up with new ideas and new collaborations, and by designing all the details herself, rather than choosing components off the shelf. The rubber-soled Geek shoe has been around for a few years, and has become popular with female cyclists. In 2013, Neuls went a step further and designed a new rubber heel for the Fern range, a simple but brilliant idea that transformed a smart and beautiful shoe into one that is practical and comfortable for cyclists. The heel is moulded in a single piece that will never come off or need to be repaired by a cobbler. The addition of reflective piping, or 'cats eyes', to the back of the shoe is a lovely touch that is both decorative and functional." Vicky Richardson, British Council