Faudet-Harrison Product Furniture Interior for Tracey Neuls Redchurch Street. For London Design Festival 2011 Faudet-Harrison, who have their design studio in Shoreditch, have been invited to alter, amalgamate and redesign these objects in a way that they could only do. Previous design alterations are so clever and effortless; for example, a matchbox where one side of the slide drawer is empty, serving as a place to put the spent matches. This idea is placed in the same genre as sticky notes, where it begs the question... why it hadn’t been done before? With ease and wit these two different design practices come together for this years Design Week collaboration. A found school desk table leg becomes the wall bracket for a shop light. Cabinet draws are replaced with mirrors and situated for the perfect shoe viewing. the 'TN Tower' stands proud on top of an old fashioned foot stand but what steals the show of 'combined object' charm and functionality has to be the shoe horn coat hanger.