Tracey Neuls, famous for her creative collaborations teamed up with the London illustration collective LE GUN. Often described as "the gutter looking up to the sky" LEGUN is responsible for some of the most thought provoking illustration work. 'Parade' was one such piece that caught Neuls’ eye. “The idea of bringing the illustrative subject matter into movement via the actual body part was irresistible.” LE GUN painted on the shop walls in their signature style, ink in one hand paintbrush in the other - an instant freestyle application of meandering illustration. The combination of using another artist's drawing with a Tracey Neuls shoe design makes for a perfect collaboration. Neuls, known for her keen eye for detail saw the instant potential of translating the art work to textile. Each limited edition shoe has a different part of the drawing, so therefore tells a different part of the story. The print was also recreated as wrapping paper, allowing the narrative to continue inside and out!