London East

Tracey Neuls East

Pioneering and of a single mind, Tracey Neuls chooses her shop where there is great spirit and individuality not unlike her original footwear. Building on the success of her West London Marylebone shop, she had embarked on her second space - Eastside!

The eclectic mix of shops found on her flagship Marylebone Lane spans from elderly gentlemen specialising and selling buttons to a bespoke sausage maker – all a stroll from Bond Street. It is this juxtaposition that can also be seen on Redchurch Street - just minutes from Liverpool Street Station. Shunning homogenous high street formula, boutiques mingle with small galleries, cafes and residential dwellings. Drawing upon inspiration from the carefully selected ‘neighbourhoods’ - Tracey’s shoes are about the individual wearer and have no boundaries as to age or fashion preference setting her designs apart. Closest Tube: Shoreditch High Street (East London Line) Or Liverpool Street