Nina Saunders & Sanderson

In February 2010 in time for London Fashion Week, footwear designer Tracey Neuls opened her shop for a 3-way collaboration involving acclaimed contemporary artist Nina Saunders, and revered British textiles company, Sanderson on the eve of the latter's 150th anniversary. The collaboration, anchored by a large-scale sculpture from Nina Saunders and a dedicated collection of shoes from Tracey, both employ reissued vintage Sanderson textiles. Nina's sculpture, a characteristically morphed, melting item of furniture, upholstered in Sanderson, sets the scene for this sensual and playful subversion of the expected. Tracey's shoes take this further. Cast rubber soles are deftly inserted with Sanderson textile meaning the shoes have pattern top to bottom - exquisite! Tracey explains, "A collaboration that combines three completely different disciplines and generates contradictions like classic/ avant-garde, or heritage/ timeless is exactly what her shop is about." The project represents a coming together of shared mind-sets, combining artistic innovation with a healthy respect for traditional craftsmanship.