The Museum of Everything

Tracey Neuls stepped into the world of The Museum of Everything. The art hailed from international studios for contemporary self-taught artists with disabilities. Tracey Neuls had selected one such artist, the sensational Dan Miller from the Creative Growth Center in California. Dan uses language as the basis for his drawings, which consist of dense accretions of words that serve as a record of the artist’s life and obsessions. His work is collected worldwide, including MoMA's permanent drawing collection. From the vertical wall to the horizontal foot, Tracey directly translated his rich drawings into wearable, lust after, beautiful shoes - made exclusively for The Museum of Everything. "Tracey's shoes perfectly reflect and complement Dan Miller's art. They are desirable, unpredictable, contemporary and created with integrity. Everything that Everything is about" - James Brett- Founder, The Museum of Everything Exhibition #4 at The Museum of Everything ran from September 2nd 2011 until October 25th 2011 at Selfridges in London where Tracey’s limited edition shoes were on sale in The Shop of Everything.